All-Line Equipment Company formed in March of 2001. Steve Disselhorst has been in the petroleum industry since May of 1984 and performed all aspects of the industry from tank and piping installation, canopy installation, electrical, electronic service, etc. Well known in the field.

All-Line from initial concept was named due to having no allegiance to any one line of products, but rather to find the best fit for the situation.  We recommend the equipment based on the customer's situation and needs rather than our need to meet a quota. We are known for our innovative solutions and outside of the box thinking which often save money and time for our clients. Being a small company, we focus on attention to detail and not only ensure that the customer receives a facility which performs at its best, but also looks like a professional site. This is why we take so many photos of our work because we are proud of the results.

If you are upgrading an existing site or planning new construction please contact us for details on how we can accommodate your needs. We provide free on-site sales consultation with expertise in site layout to assist you in planning a turnkey installation proposal or upgrade.

Please give us an opportunity to earn your business on your next project.

Sales Manager - Cliff Robinson
217-653-4620 or 866-356-3336 (toll free)

Operations and Construction Manager - Steve Disselhorst
217-224-9725 or 866-356-3336 (toll free)

Scott Disselhorst

Distributor for OPW, Junge, Viking OEM, Containment Solutions, FE Petro,  EBW, APT, LSI, Legend Valves, Moormon Manufacturing, XERXES, Husky, Wayne,  ASC, INCON, Robert Shaw, Griswold, Riverside Steel, Sentinal Buildings,  Total Control Meters, Tuthill, Graco, Samson, etc...

All-Line Equipment Company